Top 3 of The Cheapest Mild Cigars


Top 3 of The Cheapest Mild Cigars

Times are changing, everything is getting more and more expensive. Especially the price of cigars, but people are still smoking on them. The rough part about that is people just do not have the money to support the addiction. This is mostly because they are paying $20-$30 for a pack of 10 mild cigars. They do not know that there is a cheaper rout to take.

1. Mr. B Lonsdale Maduro ($1.25 per pack)
Mr. B Lonsdale Maduro cigars are made in Nicaragua by hand. They are made of One-Hundred percent tobacco and have a mild flavor. This brand of cigar is the least expensive on the list, and also has the highest quality to the average every-day smoker. They become smoother after aging in a cigar box for a few months. They are rustic in appearance and have a uneven burn, but the taste value is best for the taste buds.

2. Helix Blue Tubular ($3.07 per box)
The Helix Blue Tubular cigars are made in Honduras and contains Honduran, Dominican and Brazilian filler tobaccos. They are also made with a Connecticut shade wrapper and a Mexican binder. This is a mild cigar in which is appropriate for beginners, and is also comparable to higher costing cigars such as the Macanudo.

3. Arganese CL3 Robusto ($2.50 per box)
Arganese CL3 Robusto cigars are Dominican cigars. CL3 stands for Corojo Ligero x3 because there is 3x as much ligero tobacco in these cigars. All of that ligero, and they are still priced at less than $3 per box.

Even though times are changing, and everything in the world is getting more and more expensive, people still want to sit back and smoke a cigar. In order to avoid the outrageous prices of cigars, go cheap and buy one of the cigar brands listed above.


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