Best Mild Cigars

CigarsWhen we talk about mild cigars we simply are talking about cigars that are not very high in contents. They have always be taken to belong to beginners abut this is pure misconception. Mild cigars can be used by basically every cigar smoker. These cigars are very versatile and this has given them the quality that has made it a love to veteran smokers. The best thing about them is that they can be smoked any time of the day and basically with any type of food or beverage. They come with a lot of flavor and the goodness is that you as the smoker basically can smoke the type of flavor you consider fit for you.

Which mild cigars are best for one?

The question has always been the quality of these cigars. As far as they are all mild, variation will always surface in line what quality is best for smoking and which ones are not. The following are some of the brands of best mild cigars that have been rated the best:

1. Ashton 5 cigar

This is the first brand of cigars that has been nominated one of the best. Coming from Dominican Republic, they are so mild and pleasurable such that it gives one a long lasting feeling. This is normally used buy beginners as it is not very strong in its content. Some mild cigars have the strength to choke one especially when they are just beginning.

2. Acid Collector’s Tin

This brand like the former is equally mild and it offers a lasting feeling of pleasure to one. This can be used even by veteran smokers because of their highness of quality.


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