How to Buy the Best Mild Cigars for You


Are you new to the world of cigar buying? Do you like mild cigars but are not exactly sure which ones you should buy? If so, read these tips so the next time you get online and go cigar shopping, you will have more of an idea of what to buy.

Try a variety of cigars — Do not just buy a couple of brands of mild cigars and choose one of them to smoke from then on. With so many different brands of mild cigars out there, you really should smoke as many as you can as, with so many different flavors of cigar, they all deserve to be tried at least once. Plus, once you do, you will definitely find the mild cigar that is the best for you.

Choose cigars from different countries — With so many countries producing cigars, make sure you try some from most countries before you choose your favorites. The Dominican Republic is a favorite of many cigar smokers as, of course, is Cuba. You can, however, also buy cigars from Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and various Caribbean countries — meaning the filler comes from these countries, while the binder often comes from others.

Try a variety of flavors — While you may think you prefer a mild cigar, also be sure to check out other flavors as ‘mild’ in one brand of cigar may be more of a ‘medium’ taste in another.

Try a few, take note of the flavor you enjoyed the most, and then order a box of the ones you like the most.


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