Will It Be Strong Or Mild Cigars

1Smoking cigarettes is an art that has long since been played out. This used to be a social activity that appeared cool until the negative health reports kept coming in. On the other hand, cigars continue to build in popularity and that may be because they have so much more to offer. For one thing, the cigar is not just about lighting one up and burning it to a but before discarding it in the ashtray or under the soles of your shoes. Smokers will tell you that the difference between strong and mild cigars are very important, as are the flavor and aroma.

Not just for men

The next time you catch the aroma of your favorite blend don’t be surprised when you look around and find a woman enjoying the rolled tobacco. There was a time that cigars were familiar only to men however, those times are long gone, and it is not just about mild cigars either. The aroma of a cigar has been a constant invitation for bystanders to come a little closer and it never specified which gender either. Naturally, the size of the cigar will be somewhat smaller but that will not mean that the smoker will not stray based on availability.

Your first time

When someone tries a cigar for the first time there are few recommendations that they receive and one of them is to stick with mild cigars. That advice is based on the fact that the smoker may find the stronger flavors too harsh to handle. The fact that cigars have no filter to offer a buffer will only make the decision that much more crucial. Cigar smokers will still need to follow the same guidelines as their cigarette-smoking counterparts. The obvious difference however is that most people who they come in contact with might be drawn closer instead of trying to leave the area.


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