Mild Cigars

The Growing Popularity of Mild Cigars


There is a lot of growth in the mild cigars market. Many people that have never considered smoking before are now falling in love with mild flavored cigars. This is where the majority of the cigar growth in America is coming from. People have started to appreciate these different mild brands, and the customer demand is continuing to increase.

Cigars for the Beginners

The mild cigars are commonly referenced as the cigars for the beginning smoker. A person that has never smoked a cigar could easily become turned off if they started with a premium imported cigar from Cuba. The Moontrace Vanilla cigars, for example, are among the best when it comes to soothing cigars that are light.

The Arturo Fuente Spanish Light Candela Lonsdale is another cigar brand that has been noted as a popular brand for those that are new to the smoking industry. A lot of cigars that are mild are coming from many different areas throughout the country. Honduras has some mild hand rolled cigars like the J. Fuego brand. The Avocado Limited Reserve from the Dominican Republic is also a brand that has managed to intrigue lots of new smokers.

The Recommendations

The best thing about the smoking experience for new smokers that start with the mild cigars is all the recommendations that are available. There are consumers that have blogs that post about the best starter cigars. There are even magazines that make the recommendations based on what a smoker may be interested in.

The Mild Cigars vs. Expensive Cigars

There are a lot of people that are making an effort to learn about cigars. Expensive cigars can be costly so people do not want to start out this way. It is always much better to start mild.


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