How to Find Affordable Mild Cigars in the Flavors you Want

mild-cigarsDo you love to smoke cigars? Have you tried many of the cigars in your local cigar shop, have also been wanting to try mild cigars, but are not sure where to find the best cigars for the money? If so, here are a few tips that may help.

Where to find the best mild cigars — Finding the best mild cigars for the money is often no more difficult than getting on the Internet and looking for the stores with the best selection. This is easy online, as many of the stores have a much larger inventory than a local cigar shop.

Do a search for the keywords ‘mild cigars’, and check out at least 10 of the stores that appear. You will find stores selling just a few brands, but every cigar that brand makes, as well as stores that sell a huge number of brands but only a few different types of cigar. Look at all these stores, choose the mild cigars you would like to try and price them.

Look for discounts and wholesale rates — Many online cigar shops have discount rates that they charge depending on the cigars on sale that month. If you are not too particular about the type of mild cigars you buy first, this can be a great way to try something different. Especially if you buy a variety pack that includes a few different kinds of mild cigar.

Also remember many online cigar stores also offer wholesale rates if you buy a large number of cigars. If you think you will smoke them and can afford to buy a large number, this can be a great way to cut down on the cost per cigar as well as how much it will cost you to ship them per unit.


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