The Best Deals of Mild Cigars


You’ll Need More Than A Sniff-Test With Cigars!

Cigars, cigars and more cigars can be, and often are, more that just something to stick in your mouth, light up, and lean back and say: aaah to your self. Ergo, the question before the house of common sense is classifing your cigar choice according to body: mild, medium or full also known as strong. However, the fact remains that in the long term, it’s a matter of personal preference; but the veteran cigar smoking would never be caught smoking a mild cigar. They usually prefer a full bodied or full flavored smoke. Yet, the “rookie” cigar smoker beginner will be recommended to choose a mild cigar simply because a “strong” cigar would be just plain bad for a beginner. Also, a beginner should read the memo of adjectives that will describe the cigar. You know, words like: leathery, peppery, woody, earthy, nutty, creamy and on and on and on.

Your Best move Just Starting Out? Think Mild!

When starting out puffing on a mild cigar most folks will, or should, consider the taste. They should also consider that mild cigars are less expensive. On the other hand it’s not an absolute rule that mild cigars are only for beginners. On occasion, you will see a long-time cigar smoker puffing on a mild cigar; especially if it’s a special occasion and you want to “match” your smoke with the adult beverage you are drinking.

Cigar Choices Can Be Overwhelming!

If you are faced with a beginners dilemma about what brand or label you should start with, don’t be shy, visit a cigar store in your area and ask the man or woman behind the counter about the most popular and affordable mild cigars. The retailer will know exactly what to give you.


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