1Buying a cigar is not like buying a box of chocolates, where pretty much anything will do. There is a protocol that comes with buying a cigar. I say this because there are many cigar snobs out there. Cigar snobs will get you on pretty much everything.

You don’t have to be a cigar pro to buy a perfectly good cigar; but, you do have to be well-versed in how to buy one. Here are a few tips to follow.

1)A good cigar will have a sheen quality to it. It will feel firm in your hands. It will also let out a waft of tobacco, even if you are not using it. If you get one that feels dull, dry and cracked, it’s been stored improperly. It’s also sort of old. Get rid of it. Go by the description I just laid out for you.

2)You should only be shopping at cigar specialty stores. These stores only sell cigars. The staff is going to be experienced and knowledgeable. The staff will know which direction to point you in. Don’t go to stores that sell cigars mixed in with everything else. These people will not have a clue how to help you.

3)If you are going to buy online, only go to those you trust. Shop with those stores online who have answered all your questions sufficiently. Shop with those who also have a brick and mortar store along with their online source. This way you can be sure you are getting a good deal, not to mention quality cigars.

4)Smoke the cigar right away. Those who know better, they smoke their cigars within a day or two of purchase. If you wait for a few weeks, you can’t be sure of the quality. They will also have lost their original appeal after a few weeks. Please smoke them right away.

See mild cigars for more information.


Mild Cigars Info

1Cigarette smoking is a habitual activity that many people engage in though it has many negative side effects if not properly done. There are many factors that one has to consider in order to get the best cigars that they can buy from the market. The first factor that one has to consider is whether the cigar they are buying is of the best quality and has the ability to provide them with the best results they are looking for.

It is also important to consider whether the cigars that one is buying has any side effects on the user or not. The best types of cigars are the ones that do not have any side effects on the user because most cigars are known to have many negative side effects which make the users get diseases that are very difficult to treat. Another factor that the clients should consider is whether the dealer has been licensed to supply such products in the market. This is because it is only possible that the clients will get the genuine products from certified dealers who have been in the industry supplying the best quality cigars to their clients.

This company has been in the industry for a long period of time supplying the best quality mild cigars to their clients which has enabled them to win the trust of the clients. The company supplies the best cigars at the best market prices with great discounts that enable many clients to buy them in bulk. One does not have to physically visit the company to purchase the cigars. The company has a website that one can visit to see the different types of cigars available on the site so that they can buy the ones that best fits the budget they have and they will have them delivered to them immediately they have paid for them.

Key Things To Know About Mild Cigars


Cigars can be classified as mild, medium or full-bodied. These terms describe the flavor and strength of the cigars. If you are thinking about trying mild cigars, then there are a few things that you should know about them. Below is a list of some of the key things that you should know about mild cigars:

Ideal For People Who Are New To Cigars

If you are new to cigar smoking, then you should start off by using mild cigars. Mild cigars have a lighter smell and flavor. Some people who smoke mild cigars decide that they want to try other types of cigars. Others decide that they do not like cigars. Additionally, some people find that while they enjoy mild cigars, they do not enjoy the stronger ones. That is why they decide to stick to mild cigars.

Mild Does Not Necessarily Mean Weak

Many people think that mild is synonymous with weak. However, that is not true. A cigar may have a tame smell and flavor, but that does not mean it will not be enjoyable. There are a lot of options when it comes to mild cigars. You may have to try a few in order to find one that you like.

May Be A Healthier Options

Many people believe that mild cigars are healthier than medium and full-bodied cigars. Although this is not scientifically-proven, mild cigars most likely do not have as many carcinogens as the medium or full-bodied flavor. That is why they may be safer for people who smoke cigars on a regular basis. If you only smoke a few times a year, then the strength of the cigar probably will not make much of a difference.

Mild Cigars


Mild Cigars

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Affordable Choices

You can get the affordable cigars you wish to use from our website. Order cigars and have the mild smoking pleasure that can be truly yours. It is just one of the ways you can get the types of options you need. It is just one of the ways you can get the choices in smoking pleasure you might need and you can get the cigars wholesale if you wish.

Mild Cigars

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Perfect Blend

Get the perfect blend every time and find the cigars that will make you swoon with joy, along with free shipping. It is just one of the types of things you can find and use when you go online for the perfect mild cigars of your choice.

Mild Cigars

The Growing Popularity of Mild Cigars


There is a lot of growth in the mild cigars market. Many people that have never considered smoking before are now falling in love with mild flavored cigars. This is where the majority of the cigar growth in America is coming from. People have started to appreciate these different mild brands, and the customer demand is continuing to increase.

Cigars for the Beginners

The mild cigars are commonly referenced as the cigars for the beginning smoker. A person that has never smoked a cigar could easily become turned off if they started with a premium imported cigar from Cuba. The Moontrace Vanilla cigars, for example, are among the best when it comes to soothing cigars that are light.

The Arturo Fuente Spanish Light Candela Lonsdale is another cigar brand that has been noted as a popular brand for those that are new to the smoking industry. A lot of cigars that are mild are coming from many different areas throughout the country. Honduras has some mild hand rolled cigars like the J. Fuego brand. The Avocado Limited Reserve from the Dominican Republic is also a brand that has managed to intrigue lots of new smokers.

The Recommendations

The best thing about the smoking experience for new smokers that start with the mild cigars is all the recommendations that are available. There are consumers that have blogs that post about the best starter cigars. There are even magazines that make the recommendations based on what a smoker may be interested in.

The Mild Cigars vs. Expensive Cigars

There are a lot of people that are making an effort to learn about cigars. Expensive cigars can be costly so people do not want to start out this way. It is always much better to start mild.

Will It Be Strong Or Mild Cigars

1Smoking cigarettes is an art that has long since been played out. This used to be a social activity that appeared cool until the negative health reports kept coming in. On the other hand, cigars continue to build in popularity and that may be because they have so much more to offer. For one thing, the cigar is not just about lighting one up and burning it to a but before discarding it in the ashtray or under the soles of your shoes. Smokers will tell you that the difference between strong and mild cigars are very important, as are the flavor and aroma.

Not just for men

The next time you catch the aroma of your favorite blend don’t be surprised when you look around and find a woman enjoying the rolled tobacco. There was a time that cigars were familiar only to men however, those times are long gone, and it is not just about mild cigars either. The aroma of a cigar has been a constant invitation for bystanders to come a little closer and it never specified which gender either. Naturally, the size of the cigar will be somewhat smaller but that will not mean that the smoker will not stray based on availability.

Your first time

When someone tries a cigar for the first time there are few recommendations that they receive and one of them is to stick with mild cigars. That advice is based on the fact that the smoker may find the stronger flavors too harsh to handle. The fact that cigars have no filter to offer a buffer will only make the decision that much more crucial. Cigar smokers will still need to follow the same guidelines as their cigarette-smoking counterparts. The obvious difference however is that most people who they come in contact with might be drawn closer instead of trying to leave the area.

Mild Cigars You Will Enjoy

mydiscountcigar_2267_100725574Mild cigars are a beautiful thing when you want to begin smoking cigars every now and then. Your cigars must remain mild until you are accustomed to the strength and power of the cigars you enjoy. A mild cigar may be used any time, and a mild cigar is the perfect gift for someone who is starting their own cigar habit. This article explains how mild cigars will give you hours of smoking pleasure.

#1: Mild Cigars Are Easy

You may give away mild cigars to people who have never smoked before, or you may use mild cigars when you want an easy smoke. You may not want to offend someone who does not like cigar smoke, or you may prefer to smoke cigars that are easy to puff. A stronger cigar may require too much work, or you may prefer to hold your special cigars for special occasions.

#2: Mild Cigars Are Inexpensive

Mild cigars will not cost much, and you may invest in many of them at once. A full box of mild cigars will cost very little, but you will get hours of smoking pleasure out of the box. You do not want to waste money on cigars, and buying a full box is often much better than purchasing single cigars.

#3: Mild Cigars Are Not Offensive

The smell of a mild cigar will not offend people near you, and the odor of the cigar will not overwhelm your office or home. You need to enjoy your cigars without overpowering everything near you, and a mild cigar will help you remain as moderate as possible. Your cigar choices will help you prevent others from being offended while you are enjoying your smoking ritual.

The mild cigars you choose will help you enjoy a smoking ritual that is neither overpowering nor expensive.