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The Best Deals of Mild Cigars


You’ll Need More Than A Sniff-Test With Cigars!

Cigars, cigars and more cigars can be, and often are, more that just something to stick in your mouth, light up, and lean back and say: aaah to your self. Ergo, the question before the house of common sense is classifing your cigar choice according to body: mild, medium or full also known as strong. However, the fact remains that in the long term, it’s a matter of personal preference; but the veteran cigar smoking would never be caught smoking a mild cigar. They usually prefer a full bodied or full flavored smoke. Yet, the “rookie” cigar smoker beginner will be recommended to choose a mild cigar simply because a “strong” cigar would be just plain bad for a beginner. Also, a beginner should read the memo of adjectives that will describe the cigar. You know, words like: leathery, peppery, woody, earthy, nutty, creamy and on and on and on.

Your Best move Just Starting Out? Think Mild!

When starting out puffing on a mild cigar most folks will, or should, consider the taste. They should also consider that mild cigars are less expensive. On the other hand it’s not an absolute rule that mild cigars are only for beginners. On occasion, you will see a long-time cigar smoker puffing on a mild cigar; especially if it’s a special occasion and you want to “match” your smoke with the adult beverage you are drinking.

Cigar Choices Can Be Overwhelming!

If you are faced with a beginners dilemma about what brand or label you should start with, don’t be shy, visit a cigar store in your area and ask the man or woman behind the counter about the most popular and affordable mild cigars. The retailer will know exactly what to give you.


Mild Cigars


Mild Cigars

Mild cigars are those kinds of cigars that can be claimed to be very low in terms of its contents. What happens when a cigar is low in content is that their intensity of side effects is very low. They can also be used by beginners of the smoking game because they are both very lowly intense in terms of their chocking quality. It is also very versatile, and this is just the quality that has made the regular smokers to turn into. While some other cigars around the state would require you to smoke them with a specific type of food or drink, mild cigars would basically go with every food or drink you would wish to smoke the with.

What are the top brands of mild cigars?
The following are some of the brands that have been voted as the best by veteran smokers:

1. Ashton 5 cigar
This is one brand of mild cigars that have gained popularity among smokers in the recent time. The first quality that gives it the popularity is the fact that they are very mild and gives one a very long lasting pleasurable feeling after smoking them. Unlike other mild cigars, the flavors with which it comes with do not give one that chocking effect and can basically be used by beginners as well as veterans.

2. Acid Collector’s Tin
This is yet another kind of cigar that has gained popularity due to its quality and taste. Like the former, this brand does not give one a chocking effect and can thus be used by beginners.

Dad Love Cigars – 3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Cigar Aficionado


Today, millions of people have a passion for cigars. From collecting and gifting to smoking or all of the above, it is easy to see why so many people love cigars. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, you may be searching for the best gift ideas for the cigar lover in your life. Using this guide, you can give your own cigar-loving dad, husband, or family friend a great gift this Father’s Day.

Sample Box

If the special dad in your life is new to the world of cigars, consider gifting him a unique sample box. Boxes range in a variety of sizes, so there is an option for every like and budget. Sample boxes offer the cigar aficionado an opportunity to try a few different brands and flavors. Not only will they find new cigars that will become their favorite, but they can also expand on their collection with a large sample box this Father’s Day.


Every cigar aficionado needs a quality humidor to store their collection. Humidors are not only necessary gifts, but also beautiful ones considering the variety available on the market. Choose a glass top humidor with room for hundreds of cigars or a smaller travel humidor he can carry on an upcoming vacation. Consider having his initials engraved on the humidor for a memorable Father’s Day gift. The possibilities are endless when choosing a humidor.


While surprising to hear, not every cigar aficionado has a good quality lighter. Lighters are affordable options that the special dad in your life will love to have this Father’s Day. Stainless steel, butane lighters add an elegance to the day, but they are also fully functional options for every mild cigar lover to have on hand.

This Father’s Day, give him something he will use and love. Using these cigar-lover gift ideas, he will have a day to remember.